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Win 300€ at the first tournament of “Judgement” on 21st October

Écrit par Gaëtan Thoron alias “clapton”

Codename: Judgement is a brand new Belgian free-to-play esport game currently available in Alpha testing on Steam! The game developers, Unknown Liege and join their forces to organise the first public tournament. An opportunity to win 300€!

Cashprize tournaments are all over the internet… but most of the time only high-flyers have a chance to clean up.

Get ready, because this is not the case here. 

Codename: Judgement has been online only for a couple of months so far and is still in Alpha testing. So, everyone gets to win.

Bande annonce

About Codename: Judgement

Codename: Judgement is developed by Wild Bishop, a game studio based in Liege. The newspaper DH Sports presented it to the public as following:

« The gameplay is quite innovative. All the players who have tried the game so far agree to say that it looks like futuristic handball. The game seems to mix Rocket League and Overwatch inspirations while featuring MOBA characteristics. Players compete in 3v3 with each of them fighting to score. Using their skills against each other, the players try to take the upper hand over their opponents. »

Earlier in October, the game was showcased at the GameForce convention as part of the Lan-Area exhibition programme. In late August Wild Bishop also attended Walibi Gaming as an exhibitor. All the players who have tried Judgement are convinced of its huge potential and have already expressed great enthusiasm about the current Alpha version.

At this point, the only thing missing is a huge community to be able to play 24/7.

Tournament on 21st October

In order to build this community and to promote Belgian esport games, Lan-Area, Unknown Liege and Wild Bishop have teamed up to organise the first competition of the game. 

The game is freely available on Steam.

Practical information


  • Registrations can be made using this form. As the game is played in 3v3, players need to build up a team in order to register.
  • Tournament starts at 8:30 pm on 21st October. 
    • Information on the tournament style will follow (probably in pool play with single elimination).
  • Any questions regarding the tournament can be asked on our Discord.
    • Ask for your player role when you join the Discord.
  • A few details need to be refined yet. This is a first edition, here is our recommendation:
  • Chill out, eat a Lacquemant (sweet speciality from Liege, go check it out) and don’t worry, information is coming on the Discord!


The full cashprize pool is set to 375€, which will be divided as follow:
1.    The winning team will receive 300€ ;
2.    The team who finishes 2nd will receive 75€.


The tournament will be broadcasted on our Twitch channel.

Registrations here!

Écrit par Gaëtan Thoron alias “clapton”
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